5 social media marketing blogs


Blog 1: There are lots of great tips and advice given on this blog. The author of the site has lots of experience in the digital world and digital and social media marketing world. 


Blog 2: This blog has lots of interesting articles about social media. The site is for small businesses and helping them get noticed more. This blog looks at marketing from a small business point of view and gives some great tips. The regular site has different ways to get a business’s name out there.


Blog 3: On this blog there are lots of information and kind of looks at social media marketing as a whole. It doesn’doesn’t focus on one site or type of social media (i.e. blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). This writer has experience in social media marketing as well as marketing in general. 


Blog 4: On this Blog there are lots of great articles about different aspects of marketing, as well as quite a few about social media marketing. There are a bunch of different writers and they seem to have different views on different parts of marketing, as well as experience in the field.

Blog 5: The blog looks at the business world and talks about how one could try and get ahead or at least keep up with the ever changing world.The author of the blog has studied the changes in technology and how it has affected the business world and even written a book about it. 





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