Writing an Effective Blog Post

The Differences between Tags, Categories, and Keywords

 Categories, tags, and Keywords help you organize your blog and help users be able to find posts by using similar words. Categories are the topics you address in your blogs. Categories are usually broad and very general. Tags are more specific and address items you discuss in particular blog posts. Tags are usually one to two words. Keywords are used by search engines to identify what your blog and your blog articles are about. People visiting your blog don’t usually see or know about your keywords. You can use keywords as tags.

Writing an Effective Blog

Here are some tips for writing an effective blog:

1. Understand your readers. Know who is reading your blogs so you can create more content that will pertain to them.

2. Be an expert. Know what you’re talking about. There’s nothing worse than reading a blog trying to learn something, only to realize the writer has no idea what they’re talking about.

3. Use Multimedia. Having pictures and videos on your blog posts will make them more interesting and captivate more people.

4. Encourage Interaction. Encourage your readers to leave comments or to share your post with their friends.

5. Tone. Your marketing should be in the same tone as your posts. Using different tones throughout your posts can alienate your readers and they will probably end up unfollowing you.

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How to write an effective blog post

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