How to Develop an Effective Facebook Strategy


There are many different articles that give tips on how to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy, but they mostly repeat the same things. Here are the main tips that I’ve noticed:

  • Give your page a human touch. This basically means talk to your fans like an actual person. Have actual conversations with people. If you post a question at the end of a post don’t just post it and then move on to something else right away, wait for some fan response. You can also then use that fan activity as advertising.
  • Make it easy to spread the word about your business, and maybe even reward people for doing it. Encouraging fan-to-fan conversations will help create a community around your business, which can also keep people on your page longer.
    • Relating to a common experience can create more of a dialog between you and your fans as well as between other fans.
    • Calls to action and tying activity to a relevant cause or an initiative are some other good ways to get people to interact with your page.
    • Getting people to sign up for, say, email newsletters is another great way to keep in touch with your fans.
    • Making some stuff exclusive is another way to get people to interact with your page.
    • Make your content shareable so your fans can try and get their friends interested in your business.
  • Post often and mix up your media often. Mixing it up using text posts, video and picture posts people are more likely to be interested in your page. If you make a photo post choose your pictures well because it could determine whether or not someone just scrolls right past it.
  • Create a one-stop-information shop, meaning have all the important information where people can easily see and access it. One way to do that is by creating custom tabs and organizing the order they are in. You can also use Facebook ads.
  • Make your Facebook page an extension of your website. Link to your Facebook page on your main website.
  • Make your page dynamic and interesting so it will stand out from all of the other Facebook pages. You should also look at what performs well on your other social media channels and think about how you can incorporate it on Facebook.
  • Most importantly you should track your Facebook marketing progress so you can figure out what is and what is not working for you.