5 useful Twitter tools and Marketing on Twitter


5 Useful Twitter Tools

One very useful tool that is used quite often is Bit.ly. It is mostly used to shorten urls making it easier to share things on twitter. Having an account on the site also allows you to shorten and share links on multiple twitter accounts.

Another good tool people are using is inboxQ. This site makes it easier to find the questions people are asking on Twitter.

SocialBro is a good analytic app. It lets you group your followers by lots of different aspects such as language, time zone, number of followers, and tweets sent per day

Tweriod allows you to analyze your Twitter account and then find out which times will have the most impact for you to tweet.

Twylah helps make your tweets last longer. It makes it easier to look at the interesting tweets you’ve posted.

Marketing on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to market your buisness or organization. It’s a great way to get people involved and it also kind of lets you get on a personal level with your customers/fans. It’s also a way to try and reach more of your target audience through various tools that are available. Some things you can do to get people interested in your Twitter page are hold contests exclusive to twitter, ask qusetions, or even have twitter exclusive sales or something.