YouTube for Businesses


YouTube For Business: Top Ten Strategies & Best Practices

  • Talks about why use YouTube and how to best use it from a beginners and a business’ stand point.
  • This article is valuable because it gives very good tips on what to do on YouTube for businesses.

8 Effective Ways to Use YouTube for Business

  • This article goes a bit more into detail about how to get the most out of YouTube.
  • This article is valuable for people who are already familiar with the basics of YouTube and want to optimise their videos.

Using YouTube for Your Business

  • This article talks about the different ways to use YouTube (for brand awareness, advertising products, retail promotions, sales, product/customer support, and training purposes).
  • This article is valuable because it gives businesses some ideas of something to post other than advertisements.

Using YouTube to Build Your Brand, Authority and Business

  • This article, technically podcast, talks about how to use YouTube to raise your brand awareness and authority.
  • The podcast is an interview with someone who has experience with building their brand and authority through YouTube.

5 Reasons to use YouTube for Busniness

  • This article talks about to get the most out of YouTube.
  • While it may just seem like the same thing as the articles above, it has some different tips than the others which makes it valuable.

Google+ for Businesses


Disney is using their Google plus page to advertise their different divisions. They have posted pictures representing different rides at Disneyland and their anniversaries. They also have posted pictures and gifs from their movies, especially their newest movie Frozen.

Walmart is using their Google plus page to try and create a community around their store. They currently are posting pictures and articles with the hash tag #livebetter. The pictures they are posting all have to do with spring and healthy foods. The articles they are posting are about people and their uplifting life stories.

Target is using their Google plus page to advertise their products. They post photos that have very bright colours that pop and draw attention to the posts. They also post articles ranking certain types of products like candy and other types of food products.

Journeys is using their Google plus page to advertise different products. They also post music news because the are very into the rock/metal music scene.

Redbull is using their Google plus page to post gifs and videos from various sports events they sponsor. They are mostly just using the page to create a community and lifestyle around their product.

Pinterest for businesses


3 Unique Ways to Use Pinterest for Business– this blog post talks about different ways to use Pinterest other than the basic marketing techniques. The different ways they talk about are:

  • Businesses should use Pinterest because it can help increase brand authority. Some businesses use Pinterest to post their products as well as information about similar products.
  • Also businesses can use Pinterest to expand their reach. By using group boards businesses can collaborate with popular pinners who have a large following to expose their brand and content to more people.
  • Using pinterest can also help  increase traffic to your web site. For example, if the business is a clothing store they can post pictures of the new cloths they are selling, and if the picture is linked to their website people can click on the picture and it will take them to their website to purchase the clothing.
9 Tips: Boost Your Business With Pinterest– This blog post talks about how to boost the awareness of your business online.

5 Pinterest Tips for Small Business Owners– This blog post talks about how Pinterest can help a small business.

9 Ways to Create a Successful Business Presence on Pinterest– This blog post talks about how to create a successful business presence on Pinterest. The post asks the question “What is one tip you have for putting together a business page on Pinterest?” to business professionals. So all the tips come from experienced professionals.

Exploring the Benefits of Pinterest’s New Business Accounts– This blog post talks about changes in the Pinterest business pages and what it means for businesses. 

Social Media for Retailers

Express: Express uses Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. On Facebook and Twitter they post about the different sales they have. On foursquare they have the special “Now – 3/30, get $25 off every $75 you spend with code 1381.”

Vintage Stock: V-Stock uses Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook and Twitter they post about new movies that are coming out on DVD and new comics that are coming out.

Little O’s Old Time Soda Fountain: They use Facebook and twitter. On Facebook they mostly post about their hours and events they are a part of. On Twitter they are mostly posting about new items and hours.

Target: They use Facbook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, and Google+. On all of the sites they mostly post about different sales, and new music or movies that are coming out soon.

Zumiez: They use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. If you connect your account to these sites then you can get points which people can turn in for real prizes such as concert tickets, trips, skateboards, and even clothes.

Social Media for Resturants

Quintessential Dining and Nightlife: This restaurant uses Facebook and Twitter. They are using them to promote the different specials that they have. They often post pictures of new menu items and post about different specials that they are having.

Imo’s Pizza: Imo’s uses Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. On Facebook they post pictures of their food, and specials, and pictures of various things they are involved in in the community. On Twitter they are responding to people who write to them or take a picture of their pizza. 

Shamrocks: Shamrocks uses Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. On Facebook they mostly post pictures of fliers for various events they are having. On Twitter they Mostly post about what kind of beer they have on tap. On Foursquare they have the special “10% off of the person who checked in food”

Fratellis Ristorante: They use Facebook, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. On Facebook they post about different specials and different things they are doing in the community. On Foursquare they have the special “Free Dessert with the purchase of a meal!”

Smashburger: They use Facebook and twitter. On Facebook they mostly post about their different specials. On Twitter they mostly are responding to people who mention them.

Writing an Effective Blog Post

The Differences between Tags, Categories, and Keywords

 Categories, tags, and Keywords help you organize your blog and help users be able to find posts by using similar words. Categories are the topics you address in your blogs. Categories are usually broad and very general. Tags are more specific and address items you discuss in particular blog posts. Tags are usually one to two words. Keywords are used by search engines to identify what your blog and your blog articles are about. People visiting your blog don’t usually see or know about your keywords. You can use keywords as tags.

Writing an Effective Blog

Here are some tips for writing an effective blog:

1. Understand your readers. Know who is reading your blogs so you can create more content that will pertain to them.

2. Be an expert. Know what you’re talking about. There’s nothing worse than reading a blog trying to learn something, only to realize the writer has no idea what they’re talking about.

3. Use Multimedia. Having pictures and videos on your blog posts will make them more interesting and captivate more people.

4. Encourage Interaction. Encourage your readers to leave comments or to share your post with their friends.

5. Tone. Your marketing should be in the same tone as your posts. Using different tones throughout your posts can alienate your readers and they will probably end up unfollowing you.

Five Articles on Blogging

How to write an effective blog post

7 Steps to Writing More Effective Blog Posts

Writing a Good Blog

How to write an effective blog post

Write a Good Interesting Blog

Email Marketing


Here are some ways to effectively use email marketing:

  • One way to effectively use email marketing is to personalize your emails without using the persons name.
  • Another is to avoid the “dead zone” of subject length, which is around 60-70 characters.
  • The best time to send out your emails is probably between 8 pm and midnight, but it’s still best to test your audience and find out when the best time is. You also may want to try sending emails on the weekend.
  • Almost half of emails opened these days are opened on mobile devices. Because of that you want to make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices as well.

You can also use email marketing to try and engage inactive followers. One way to do that would be to offer something for free through the email.