Instagram is a photo sharing site. People post photos and they can add different filters on the photos to make them look cooler. Now people can post 15 second videos on Instagram. You can embed your Instagram photos onto your website.

Businesses can post photos or videos of their business, or products, or whatever they want really. It’s best to post photos of your business and other “fun” photos, the fun photos maybe what draws someone in to your page. You can, and should, also post/share photos that are similar to your business to get the attention of people who are customers for similar products but may not be aware of your business.

You can have customers post photos of your products and you can reshare the posts which engages your followers and shows that your business actually has customers. Don’t forget to follow your followers back as well. You can also have photo contests on Instagram. You can also use Instagram as a way to network. If you have a retail business you can reward followers with discount codes and other promos.