Vine is a new Social Media app that has become popular in the past year or two. People record video clips that are 6 seconds long. It’s great because peoples attention spans aren’t that long so this keeps peoples attention.

Some ways businesses are using vine are:

  • to make online shopping interactive. One company called ASOS told customers to vine themselves unboxing their ASOS packages and there may be a give away.
  • a company called Gogo used vine to preview a give away they were going to do on valentines day.
  • Animate and Create, an animation company, made a flip book with pencil and paper and posted it on Vine.
  • SweetShot photographys first vine was a behind the scenes look at their headshot studio. After that first vine they already had customers making appointments.
  • RedEye, a chicago based newspaper, posted a vine from a Fall Out Boy concert of one of the band members jumping into the crowd. It’s a great moment to capture and get the attention of other Fall Out Boy fans.
  • Musicians can use vine to preview new tracks they are working on.
  • Tech companies can use vine to preview new products.
  • Retail companies can use vine to preview their new products as well.

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