YouTube for Businesses


YouTube For Business: Top Ten Strategies & Best Practices

  • Talks about why use YouTube and how to best use it from a beginners and a business’ stand point.
  • This article is valuable because it gives very good tips on what to do on YouTube for businesses.

8 Effective Ways to Use YouTube for Business

  • This article goes a bit more into detail about how to get the most out of YouTube.
  • This article is valuable for people who are already familiar with the basics of YouTube and want to optimise their videos.

Using YouTube for Your Business

  • This article talks about the different ways to use YouTube (for brand awareness, advertising products, retail promotions, sales, product/customer support, and training purposes).
  • This article is valuable because it gives businesses some ideas of something to post other than advertisements.

Using YouTube to Build Your Brand, Authority and Business

  • This article, technically podcast, talks about how to use YouTube to raise your brand awareness and authority.
  • The podcast is an interview with someone who has experience with building their brand and authority through YouTube.

5 Reasons to use YouTube for Busniness

  • This article talks about to get the most out of YouTube.
  • While it may just seem like the same thing as the articles above, it has some different tips than the others which makes it valuable.